25 Liter Waterproof Dry Bag

Item Code : 611025 Item Name : DB25L

             US$ 32.99

DRiPRO Waterproof Dry Bag is durable and reliable at all times. It is perfectly designed for kit-carrying accessories, water sports and activities, kayaking, skiing, camping, hiking or beach based missions. It is suitable to keep contents dry and performs a high effective waterproof function. It also floats when dropped in water and keeps water, sand and dirt away from your prized possessions!

Made of Nylon-Coated PVC Tarpaulin, our Waterproof Dry Bag is suitable for rough situations and is easy to wipe clean. It’s adjustable and removable strap offers toting options. Highly recommend for beach, vacation or even globetrotting as it is safe to keep your belongings handy at all times.


・Floats safely if dropped in water.
・Suitable for camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boat trip, water sports etc.
・Protects contents from water, dust, sand, dirt and snow.
・Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage and easy to wipe clean.
・Multi-purpose storage application.


Size : 255 Φ x 700mm (H)
Weight : ~ 420g

Functionality Remarks

・Abrasion Resistant Nylon-coated PVC Tarpaulin with heat welded seams.
・Roll top access and compression straps help prevent water from entering.
・Floats with content inside if properly sealed for a reasonable amount of time & weight.

Product notes

・Recommended minimum of 3 rolls from the top access for the best closure.
・Product is not guaranteed to provide 100% water protection for your personal belongings.
・Avoid contact with sharp objects or subjecting the bag to high abrasion, as this could compromise the waterproof fabric.
・Floating time may vary depends on in bag-air amount and the tightness of the seal. Air may escapes from bag over time and reduces floating and water protection.
・Like all roll-top dry bag, we recommends that sensitive electronic devices should be ‘double bagged’ (i.e. put electronics into waterproof case then place it into the dry bag). For maximum protection, the use of our waterproof cases should be considered.
・Not intended for situations where dry bag will be submerged under water. This dry bag is designed to provide enhanced protection from temporary contact with water.
・The illustrated product and specifications may differ slightly from actual product supplied.