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Who we are & What we do?

DRiPRO is one of the market leader in the waterproof case. We provide a versatile collection of watertight containers that allows you to protect and use your electronic devices in any wet circumstances.

Our waterproof case has been IPX8 certified by the SGS, it is submergible and waterproof in excess of 10 meters (approx. 33 feet) , also protected against sand, dust, dirt and snow.

How does DRiPRO Waterproof Case work

Sealed with Ziplock
Patent granted Dripro Waterproof System is a key. Triple ziplocks with rolling and snap buttons or velcro closuremakes the case completely waterproof. Dripro Waterproof System has been tested at SGS and IPX8 certified. it can submergible and waterproof in excess of 10 meters (approx. 33 feet), also protected against sand, dust, dirt and snow.

Water Cable
Patent granted Water Cable which protect your audio gear and keep it usable - for iPhone, iPod and more. Put your iPhone inside the Waterproof Case which keeps your iPhone dry and your music wet. The case comes in full with built-in external earphone jack and Water Earphone.

Sound Advice
Dripro Waterproof case?s material is special made, sounds can pass through the material with a little or no loss of volume, so you can talk with your phone safely sealed inside.

Slide & Press
The Dripro Waterproof System is simply to use. Slide all ziplocks to the right and hear the "snapping" sound, roll along the zipper crease and close the cover with velcro closure or snap buttons.

The air-tight seal of a waterproof case will trap the air's natural humidity inside the case. This can cause the creation of condensation droplets inside the case. It is highly recommended that a dehumidifying agent, such as these desiccant packets, be used when any electronic items are kept inside the waterproof and air-tight case. Desiccant is a high-absorption dehumidifying agent. Made with natural ingredients, each packet is environment-friendly, as they are re-usable and completely degradable. They can be dried with a quick trip through the micro-wave, and re-used multiple time

Bubble Test

Before using your Dripro Waterproof Case, please check that it got to you in perfect condition. Seal something worthless inside, and then submerge in water. see below for instruction.

Step 1

Seal something worthless (such as napkin) into the case

Step 2

Hold the left side ofthe ziplock

Step 3

Slide all ziplocks to the right and hear the snapping sound ensure the zippers are closed

Step 4

Fold along the zipper crease

Step 5

Close the cover with velcro closure

Step 6

Submerge in a basin.

Step 7

A few air bubbles may escape from the plastic flap, this is OK, water can get into the flap without getting into the case. After few minutes, take out the case from the water and check the napkin, it should be dry. As a result, this waterproof case is in perfect conditions.

Step 8

LIf a stream of bubbles escapes when you squeeze it there may be a problem. Take out the case and check the napkin, if the napkin get wet which means this waterproof case is damaged. Please stop useing this waterproof case.

Take care of your waterproof case

Examine your case before each use to make sure it's not visibly damaged to be safe you should always do the Bubble Test. Before opening, always shake any water from the plastic flap. Otherwise it could get into the case when you open it. Wash in soapy water and then rise with fresh water, especially after regular contact with chlorinated or salt water, or with sun creams. Do not use bleach, alcohol or proprietary cleaners.

Waterproof test standard

Our waterproof cases are 100% waterproof and submeribe. They are certified by SGS for international waterproof test (IPX), compliance with the highest level IPX8 which means it can submerged into water up to 10 meters in 30 mintues.